Financials That Empower You & Help Your Business Grow.

HenneyCFO removes the hassle of daily finances by delivering a done-for-you, refreshing and super simple approach to bookkeeping - minus the boring stuff.

HenneyCFO is SUPER fresh.

Are you imagining a boring old beancounter with a drab suit? You’ve come to the wrong place. HenneyCFO is your one-stop shop for personality that is focused on YOUR GOALS. Jam-packed with ambition to see you thrive and reach financial freedom, HenneyCFO’s vibrant and no-BS approach to bookkeeping makes it easy.


HenneyCFO does it ALL. The LOT.

Yeah, these packages are equivalent to The Works. I get it - doing the books is overwhelming. Need someone from set-up to ongoing to make it all just ‘go away’? I’ve got you.


HenneyCFO decodes the confusion.

Whether you want to learn yourself or have it all done-for-you, I’ll turn ‘Xero who’? into sustainable financial knowledge to make your business grow.



I’m Sarah Henney, founder of HenneyCFO. My goal is to give small businesses their balance back with impeccable financials that lead to long-term growth. 

I know the challenges of running a small business - of living rurally, of drought, slow periods, cashflow - all of that. That’s why I want to help. With over 15 years in the finance game, I created this super simple, refreshing approach to bookkeeping to offer guidance without the confusion. Whether you’re looking for the lot or just a tiny bit of support, HenneyCFO provides honest and actionable support that helps business owners achieve financial success - without the stress.



Why choose me?

Well, I’ve chalked up 15 years in the finance game across banking, agribusiness, Local Government and finance management. Then I decided it was time to help people off my own bat! I also have…

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting-    

  • Accredited Pure Bookkeeper Licensee (this means I practice industry best practice, impeccable financials, the numbers are always right, you won't have to pay an accountant to ‘fix it up’, and if ever audited by the ATO the process is super smooth -  I make sure your bookwork and reporting is compliant with ATO!

  • Aaaand I run my own family business!


HenneyCFO is here for you from start to finish. Let’s start making a stress-free plan for you!


HenneyCFO offers a free initial consultation and health check to all people who book in. Schedule yours today! 

HenneyCFO is ready to create efficiencies in your business and give you more bang for your buck. Are you ready?

Behind every great business is an awesome CFO -  so rest assured, I’ll handle it for you (it’ll be a cinch).